Gehenna is a tabletop RPG, focusing on fear, stress, and grizzly dark truths behind a Grimdark fantasy setting.

Deep in the Middle East, is a valley known as Gehenna. Within it resides an infamous prison dungeon, which has seemingly been abandoned.
Few explorers have attempted to loot it's ruins, but even fewer are ever seen again. Rumor says deep within it's caverns lies a real entrance to Hell.
A cruel and inhumane place lies ahead, stenched with death and misfortune. It gives you a burning sick feeling in your stomach just thinking of it.
But for one reason or another, you will find yourself traveling that desert.

And you will know true Hell.

Much of the core framework is derived from Pathfinder,
but other inspirations lie in media such as Dark Souls, Berserk, Fear & Hunger, Darkest Dungeon, KULT, etc.

Gehenna is built to create extremely distressing scenarios for a mature audience,
and players should be aware of the highly sensitive content found within before playing.

Gehenna can potentially contain extreme violence, gore, drug and substance abuse, and bleak themes ranging from self-mutilation to sexual violence.

It should be noted that none of these themes are thrown around lightly, and are merely intended to push horrific world-building and atmosphere.

Gehenna is a work-in-progress and is developed by someone who is continuing to explore and discover TTRPG's,
so please bear with the development, and thank you.