Savages, professionals, or prodigies, one thing remains in common. The Wrestler upholds the highest respect for their body. There are no need for weapons when you can become one yourself. Size and prowess need not matter, these brave war machines will grapple, bite, and pummel anything that opposes them. Fortunately for them, it's not hard to find fights in Gehenna. Especially with something bigger and stronger than you...

Skills: Acrobatics, Climb, Intimidate, Perception, Perform, Survival

Starting Wealth: 32 Silver

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Class Features

All of the following are class features of the Wrestler

Wrestler's Physique (Ex)

Your strong and agile physique grants you adept skill at moving, striking, and grappling. You no longer take the -2 circumstance penalty for making a lethal attack with your nonlethal Unarmed attacks. In addition, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your Fortitude DC when resisting an opponents Grapple, or bodily constricting attack.

Double Lariat (Ex)

A rough force multiplier, fit for your style of combat. Spin in place with your arms extended. Anyone or anything directly on top of, or next to you will be pushed away 3 tiles. Deals 1D4 damage.

Clothesline (Ex)

With your unstoppable running force and velocity, running at an enemy from at least 30 feet will allow you to Clothesline them. They must make a Fortitude DC higher than your Strength + Modifier. If they succeed, they take 1D8 bludgeoning damage. If they fail, they are knocked prone on top of the damage.

The People Elbow (Ex)

Your unarmed skills are a spectacle to watch. It strikes inspiration in your comrades. You may choose to perform The People Elbow on a prone enemy. Doing so will heal 1D6 Fear from all cognitive teammates in line of sight, and deal 1D6 bludgeoning damage to the opponent. You are fatigued for 1 round afterwards.

Callout (Ex)

You confront your oponents face first. Can be used as a Swift Action. Confront and talk to a singular entity, to become their next target within the following next turns.

Cognitive Slap (Ex)

Sometimes a hard slap in the face is what's needed. Can be used as a Swift Action. Roll a D6. The end result is how much HP an entity has lost, and also how much Fear the entity has recovered. You can choose whether or not to add any Strength modifier onto it.

Squeeze (Ex)

You bend your opponent's body or limbs into agonizing positions, controlling them like a puppet. Make an unarmed strike against the opponent you have grabbed or restrained. They must make a Fortitude DC higher than your Strength + Modifier. If they succeed, they only take the unarmed strike damage, so long as it doesn't miss. If it fails, You may choose to make an enemy drop a held item on the floor, put them to sleep, or deal an additional 2D6 bludgeoning damage.

Suplex (Ex)

Grapple an enemy. Next turn the enemy must make a Fortitude DC higher than your Strength + Modifier. If they succeed, they break out of your grapple. If they fail, you may throw them 15 feet in any direction, dealing 1D12 damage.

Giant Swing (Ex)

Grapple a prone enemy. For every turn you grapple, an additional 1D4 damage will be added on top of the total damage when the enemy is released, and an additional 5 feet is added to the distance thrown. If interrupted, you break the grapple, deal only 1D12 damage, and only throw them 2 tiles away. You may choose to release the enemy whenever, and deal 1D12 damage + the additive damage and distance. You may throw them in any direction. After 4 turns of grappling you will gain 1 turn of Dazed for every turn after you release the enemy (Even if you are interrupted).

Exploder (Ex)

Running at an enemy from at least 20 feet will allow you to perform a dropkick. This knocks you prone for one round, and propels the enemy 30 feet in the direction you were running.

Rolling Death Cradle (Ex)

Grapple a prone enemy, and move in a circular formation, 10 feet, for the next 3 turns. They suffer 1D8 damage each turn. Cannot be interrupted.