Hiding within the shadows are malevolant demons with forces beyond that of humans. These are not exclusive to a domain such as Gehenna. Occultist's understand this, and spend their lives practicing Demon conjuring. Even when their bodies grow frail and withered, their strong Demonic summonings will protect them. Clever, yet foolish. They will soon learn that comrarderie and companions do not last long within Gehenna's gauntlets.

Skills: Craft, Knowledge, Profession

Starting Wealth: 30 Silver

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Class Features

All of the following are class features of the Occultist


Your character takes -3 on STR, DEX, and CON. Recruited demons do not.


You have access to a compendium of demons you have recruited, that you can summon. You begin with 2 slots available, but every 4 levels will grant you a new slot.


The ability to Summon demons from your Compendium. Can Summon a Demon within 10 Feet of you. Costs 2 Mind to Summon.

Lost Tongues

Gain the ability to speak with the undead, animals, insects, and demons.


Call out to speak with a deity or known deceased character.

Mind Reader

Read something's thoughts. Requires them to not currently be hostile.


Carve a sigil to an according deity onto yourself or a teammate. This will slightly lower the engravee's max health, and give you affinity with the deity. This effect stacks.

Blood Quaff

Drain and drink all of the blood from a corpse to moderately recover Mind.

Blood Blessing

Damage yourself for 10 HP, to draw a 10 foot line on the ground. Any offensive magic spell passing through the line will have it's damage effect doubled.


Use before your next magic spell. Your next offensive spell can go through walls, however it's range is reduced to 20 feet. Costs 10 Mind.


Use before your next magic spell. Your next offensive spell will also hit anyone within 15 feet of the person you attacked. Costs 15 Mind.

Rite of Coalescence

Fuse two Demon's within your Compendium to create a new Demon. The result is unknown.


Cause your summoned demon to self destruct, resulting in an explosive blanket of fire within a 30 foot radius.