Mind Calculation

Mind is calculated off of your characters class and gender. Each class uses their least favorable Ability Scores to account for Mental and Physical Fear, which both add up to create your Mind. To calculate your starting Mind, take your according Mental fear and Physical fear stats, and add them together.

You can find your classes according Mental and Physical Fear stats with the table below:

Class Mental Physical
Bard Int Str
Berserker Cha Dex
Priest Int Str
Knight Wis Dex
Mercenary Int Con
Mage Wis Con
Chemist Cha Str
Gunslinger Int Con
Occultist Cha Str
Wrestler Int Dex

Once you add your Mental and Physical Fear stats together, add 6 to it if your character is Male.

The tradeoff is that Male characters can take more Fear, yet have no advantage with recovering Fear. While Females take less Fear, but have an advantage at recovering Fear for themselves and others.