Gehenna's geography is very similar to Earth. Here are a list of Region's:


The majority of the continent of Europa. A forested landscape of mountains, valleys, and plains. Filled with various kingdoms, villages, armies, militia's, trading hubs, and royalty. While Engles is the most developed country, they still face countless hardship in upholding their order. Engles is also interestingly enough, the house to the kingdom of Venetia; Which is the kingdom responsible for building Gehenna.


A vast desert, and popular area for trading routes and trading hubs with Engles and many other countries. They lie east of Engles. Because of the harsh environment, living communities aren't as common in Jerrusingh. Jerrusingh is most notably known for being the birthplace of the deity, Allyon, and being the location of Gehenna, the infamous abandoned prison dungeon.


A remote snowy island North above Engles. It's almost in a constant blizzard. Despite this, many villages still reside in Northnvald. Their inhabitants have adapted for the most part, withstanding freezing temperatures, surviving off the lay of the land, and rarely sometimes even building boats to travel to other continents. The land is rumored to inhabit inhumane beasts, and miniature humanoids.


A desert filled with canyons, plains, and sometimes forests. The land isn't nearly as barren Jerrusingh, and inhabits many various small towns and big towns. Their development has led to much more industrial breakthroughs than general quality of life like Engles. As such, they have invented very basic firearms, and steam powered mechanisms. Albuero could make for a great trading land if it weren't for it's position. On the continent of Vinland, which is very barely explored by Europa and Northnvald.


Far above Albuero lies a ghostly beautiful, large thick forest. Most of it has not been discovered, but many explorers from Northnvald, Albuero, or Engles all claim it's a haunted and taboo land. Many claim to see apparitions, flickering lights, and thin bodied shadows hiding in thickets. A shame, considering the landscape is so beautiful and rich in material.


A desert containing many dry forests. Resides between Vinland and Europa. Arrikanz has actually been explored by both continents quite a bit, but has garnered a negative reputation due to the common practice of inhumane Blood Magick, cannibalism, and hostile savagery. The small rise of Luciferium worship is owed to Arrikanz, arguably the most religious land there is. It remains in a similar undeveloped state such as Northnvald.


A deep rainforest far below Albuero. Because of the distance, Sumera is almost unknown to the world. What is known is that deep within the rainforests are impressive and complex stone labyrinth temples, pyramids, and structures. Inhabited by giant territorial humans known as "Amazons". Rarely have others come in contact with these, as they are ominously terrifying to see for the first time.


A land that is entirely unknown to the world. Rare residents of Shangri appearing in other parts of the world is the only clue as to Shangri's existance. They are seen as omens, miracles, complete mysteries, and spectacles. Shangri's inhabitants have very alien attire and features, and have been rumored to weild supernatural powers. Unfortunately, because of the language barrier, Shangri will likely remain undiscovered for a long time. An even bigger mystery for many, is how Shangri's residents manage to appear in other parts of the world in the first place. Seemingly by themselves and without effort, as well.