A strong soldier bound by oath. Fighting for their militia's and loved ones, their experience makes them the most proficient fighters out there. Their code of ethics pushes their spirit into performing seemingly superhuman feats. How painful it is to see their morals and honor mercilessly torn apart by that forsaken dungeon...

Skills: Craft, Heal, Sense Motive, Perception

Starting Wealth: 56 Silver

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Class Features

All of the following are class features of the Knight


The Knight gains a bonus equal to their Intelligence bonus on resolve test rolls.

Armor training

The Knight takes halved damage on any attacks of opportunity.

Mending Hands (A)

The Knight can heal wounds (their own or those of others) by touch. Each day they can use this ability a number of times equal to their Intelligence modifier. With one use of this ability, a Knight can heal 1d6 hit points of damage. Using this ability is a standard action, unless the Knight targets themself, in which case it is a swift action. Despite the name of this ability, a paladin only needs one free hand to use this ability.


You have a strong aura, showing your alignment. You cannot hide or mask this.


At 3rd level, and every 2 levels thereafter, a Knight can select one Mercy. Each Mercy adds an effect to the Knight's lay on hands ability.

A full list of the Knight's Mercies and which levels they can be accquired from can be found here: Mercies

These abilities are cumulative. Once a condition or spell effect is chosen, it can’t be changed.

Fast Stance

When in Fast Stance, a Knight gains an extra 20 feet of movement and an +2 Bonus to their AC. They also take an additional 1D6 damage, and have a 1D4 penalty when dealing damage. Entering a stance takes 1 standard action.

Defense Stance

When in Defense Stance, a Knight gains a +5 bonus to their AC and a 1D6 damage reduction. They also lose 15 feet of movement, and have a 1D4 penalty when dealing damage. Entering a new stance takes 1 standard action.

Offensive Stance

When in Offensive Stance, a Knight rolls for attack with advantage and gains an additional 2D6 when dealing damage. They also take and additional 1D6 damage and lose 15 feet of movement. Entering a new stance takes 1 standard action.


The Knight gains an extraordinary burst of energy to push forward, and gains an additional standard action in just 1 turn. Can be casted twice per long rest.


The Knight's training and experience puts them 2 steps ahead of the enemy. Gain the ability to ask the GM what every enemy will do either this round or the next, and they must respond truthfully.