Grievous Injuries

Grievous injuries are a pool of unique injuries a player can contract, such as a lost limb, or illness; Usually gained from Memento Mori, or an enemy coin-flip attack.

When a player gains a Grievous Injury, flip a coin. If it's Heads, the Injury is Physical. If it's Tails, the Injury is an Infection.

For choosing a Physical Injury, roll a D20.

Physical Injuries

  1. Lost left forearm
  2. Lost right forearm
  3. Lost left hand
  4. Lost right hand
  5. Lost left foreleg
  6. Lost right foreleg
  7. Disfigured face
  8. Broken bones
  9. Ripped nose
  10. Split skull
  11. Broken left fingers
  12. Broken right fingers
  13. Lost left hand
  14. Lost right hand
  15. Torn genitals
  16. Plucked left eye
  17. Plucked right eye
  18. Beaten left ear
  19. Beaten right ear
  20. Cut tongue

If the player already has the chosen Injury, roll again.

For choosing an Infection, roll a D10.

  1. Leprosy
  2. Plague
  3. Rabies
  4. Tetanus
  5. Cackling Fever
  6. Brain Worms
  7. Muscle Parasites
  8. Tape Worm
  9. Varicose
  10. Blooming