Phobias & Fear


Fear is the core underlying mechanic to Gehenna. It affects players through both narrative and gameplay, by weakening the player down and testing their resolve under high stress.

Fear is gained through many different facets according to the Gamemaster. Many attacks give Fear, and player Phobias will give further Fear through contextual situations. In some phobia instances, Fear gained may even be multiplied.

Fear attacks 2 meters: Physical, and Mental fear. These add together to make a players Mind. Everytime a player encounters a moment where Fear will be gained, 1D20 is rolled for the according fear stat; Whether the situation is Mentally or Physically frightening. If the roll is higher than the DC, then the player either takes halved damage to their Mind, or no fear depending on the context. A NAT 20, will always result in no fear.

When a players Mind reaches 0, their resolve is tested. 1D20 is rolled, and the outcome will result in:

1: The player gains a Drawback, Flaw, and Phobia.
2-4: The player gains a Drawback and Phobia.
5-11: The player gains a Drawback.
12-18: The player gains a Flaw.
19: The player gains a Phobia.
20: The player receives a Virtue.

When a players Mind reaches 0 two times, they will then lose 1 Composure.

Afterwards, the player's Mind will be reset back to full capacity.