Gehenna's world is polytheistic. Many regions worship unique deities, however many explorers or pilgrims will spread word to other regions. The actual existence of many Deities remains unknown, yet results in prayer and worship do exist, whether by real miracles, or blood magick.

Here are a list of deities and their alignments:

Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Solaria Eronia
Neutral Allyon Mihra Burzuroth
Evil Luciferium Sylvia


A Death deity, popular in Northnvald. Many worship him out of fear and power, despite his true nature being somewhat innocent. Without destruction and death, there could be no creation or life. He prevents the world from complacency, and growing fat.

Burzuroth takes human sacrifice as an act of worship, and grants destructive Blood Magick spells. Please Burzuroth right, and you too can face mortality without fear.


A Fertility deity, popular in Engles. The mother of invention and life itself. While there are humble Eronian practitioners, many worship her out of hedonism or spiritual fanaticism due to the obssesive orgies many Eronian's are known for.

Eronia wishes to see an act of love in her name, and grants healing Miracles. Make her happy, and you may see new creations before your very eyes.


A Nature deity, popular in Engles. Grants both Miracles and Blood Magick.


A martyr of suffering and freedom, born and praised in holy land Jerrusingh. Allyon is commonly worshipped as he represents humanity's unending struggle to persist pain and rise above the odds. To become your own god, and carve your own path.

Allyon sees fit to lose something in order to gain something, such as flagellation. He grants Miracles. Come under his wing, and you may rise above your humanity.


A dark moon deity, popular in Arrikanz. Grants insidious Blood Magick spells.


A sun deity, popular in Albuero. Grants holy powers with Miracles.


A strange trickster deity, popular in Albuero. Grants holy powers with Blood Magick.