In real Mortal Combat, the battle is fast, loud, and messy. A full round, composing of everyone's turns lasts about 6 seconds. The options are limited, and the consequences could be dire. Proper usage of which actions you would like to perform, and when, is the difference between life, and grizzly death.

Turn sequence is determined at the start of combat. Those with the highest Dexterity score have their turn first. If two or more actors share the same Dex score, they may flip a coin to see who goes first.

Main Action - These encapsulate your primary move. You only get one per turn. This includes actions such as Attacking, Casting Spells, using an Item, performing a Skillcheck, etc. A Main Action generally encapsulates the whole turn, besides Movement, Bonus/Free Actions.

Bonus Action - Bonus Actions are limited to certain abilities, such as an effect from a Trait/Foible. They can be performed once per turn.

Free Action - A Free Action is something that can always be performed at any point in your turn, so long as you're capable. Usually consists of small and quick actions that require little time or effort to perform, such as Talking or Examining.

Move - You may always move during your turn, so long as you're capable. However, if you're performing any other actions besides a Free/Bonus Action, then you can only move half your full speed, rounded down. If you would like to make use of your full distance, you'll lose the opportunity to make any other Actions that turn.

Aim - Much like a Main Action, Aiming takes up a whole turn. Aiming will add an additional 1D6 to the next time you check if your Attack hits. This effect only goes away once you attack, or if you take damage before you make said attack.

Called Shot - Called Shots are used to perform a very specific attack. Such as if you wanted to aim for a certain body part. They are considerably harder to succesfully aim, as they add a -3 modifier to the result of checking whether your Attack hits. Much like a Main Action, they take up a whole turn.

Reaction - Reactions are actions that can be performed when it is not your turn. They are usually context sensitive in their triggers, such as, you may React when a enemy attacks you. Or, you may react when an Ally heals you.