The answer to life's questions do not rely on God's guidance. A Chemist takes the future into their own hands, and learns to create out of magnificient science. Medical, Military, and general utility advancements, they can cover all bases and never run out of supply. With a mind driven for knowledge, no wonder their poor souls are allured to Gehenna's mystifying dungeon's. We can only hope their discoveries make up for their misfortunate fates.

Skills: Craft, Disarm, Heal, Knowledge, Perception, Profession, Sleight of Hand, Survival

Starting Wealth: 48 Silver

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Class Features

All of the following are class features of the Chemist

Scrap (A)

Dismantle an item to gather materials for crafting. The amount of materials you gain is dependant on your Craft skill roll. Can be used as a bonus action.

There are 3 different materials a Chemist gain gain from Scrapping:
All materials weigh 1 pound.


Combine the required materials to create an Item. For every rank you accquire on this Feature, you will gain access to new crafting recipes. Counts as a standard action.

For a full list of crafting recipes, look here: Inventions

Body Harvest

Harvest either Eyes, Skin, Lungs, Tongue, Arm, Leg, Heart, Brain, Fat, Liver, Thymus, or Kidneys. Can only be harvested from an untouched and fresh corpse. Only one body part can be extracted from a single corpse.


Roll 1D20 with your Intelligence modifier against a DC by the choice of the GM to analyze and discover any weakpoints of an enemy. Analyze once more, and you learn all of their stats, moves, lore, etc.


You gain a +3 bonus in Fortitude saves against Poison. In Immunity's 2nd rank flip a coin when being inflicted with a Illness. If you succeed, you do not gain the Illness.


Much like creating inventions, you can repair any item that has taken damage.

An item with the Broken condition will require 4 of it's respective materials to repair. An item that's been completely destroyed will require 8 of it's respective materials to repair.