Character Creation

Here is a quick guide to creating a character:

  1. Choose a Class.

  2. You can find a full list of Classes Here. This defines a lot of your character's playstyle and arsenal of abilities.

  3. Choose a Gender.

  4. Male's have a slightly higher Mind score, while Female's instead gain additional points on recovering Mind for others and themselves.

  5. Determine your Ability scores and modifiers.

  6. This defines your character's Physical and Mental prowess: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution || Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma.

    When determining your scores, all stats will start with 5 points in each by default. You have an additional 5 points to freely distribute.
    An ability score ranges from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 10.
    You can only gain more points for distribution by subtracting from other stats, or choosing a relevant Trait/Foible.

    You can learn what each Score does what in Here. Modifiers are listed as well.

  7. Determine your Mind score.

  8. Your Mind score is composed of 2 stats: Physical Fear, and Mental Fear.

    Each class uses their least favorable Ability Scores to account for Mental and Physical Fear. Take your classes Mental Fear and Physical Fear Ability scores according to This table, and add them together.

    If your character is Male, add 8 to the total score.

  9. Determine your Composure.

  10. Composure are points you lose from dying. With every lost point of Composure, you take a permanent -1 to every roll and check you make.

    Your Composure is your Mind divided in half, rounded down.

  11. Allocate skills.

  12. Each skill coorelates with an Ability Score. Your skill score is equal to it's Ability Score's modifier.

    The player may also choose to Tag 3 skills of their choosing. These skills gain an additional +3 to their score.

    To see which skills coorelate with which Ability Score, refer to here.

  13. Determine your Hit Points.

  14. On your Classes page, their HP Die will be listed. You roll that many die, then add your Constitution modifier X2 to the result.

  15. Determine your Spell Points.

  16. If you're not a spellcaster class, multiply your total Mind by 3. If you are a spellcaster class (Mage, Occultist, Priest), then multiply your mind by 50. This is your maximum Spell Points.

  17. Choose at least 1 Phobia.

  18. A full list of Phobias are listed Here.

    Any additional Phobias chosen will give you 2 points for purchasing a Trait or 2 Foibles.

  19. Choose some Traits, Foibles, and Flaws.

  20. Traits, Foibles, and Flaws define your character as a person, and result in quirks/abilities.

    Traits are positive upgrades, Flaws are negative downgrades, and Foibles are double edged swords.
    Foibles are bought with 1 point, and Traits with 2 points. 2 Points are granted by choosing a Flaw or an additional Phobia.

    Here are a full list of Traits, Foibles, and Flaws.

  21. Choose your Class Feats.

  22. At maximum, a player can choose 10 Class Feats. You can choose any Feats you'd like, however Feats with (A) in their name are ALWAYS in your arsenal, and they do not take up one of your 10 Feat slots.

    Some Feats can be accquired multiple times to increase the Feat's potential. These will detail in their description what happens with every stack. And every stack still takes up a Feat slot.

  23. Choose some starting Equipment.

  24. On your Classes page, their starting wealth will be listed. You can use this amount of money to buy your starting Equipment from Here.

  25. Determine your AC.

  26. Your AC (Armor Class) determines how difficult it is for an opponent to injure you. Your AC is 10 + Your Dexterity modifier. If you have armor or a shield, add their armor and shield bonuses as well.

    Your armor or shield may also have a 'Max Dexterity Bonus'. While bigger armor may make you tough, they are bulky and compromise your agility. This maximum caps the Dexterity modifier you add to your AC.

  27. Determine your Speed.

  28. A character's base speed is 30 ft. However, you add your Dexterity Modifier to this. Each +1 is an additional 5 ft. and -1 is -5ft.

    So if your Dex Mod is +2, then your speed is 40 ft. If your Dex Mod is -3, then your speed is 15 ft.

  29. Determine your Weight.

  30. Take your Strength score, and multiply it by 13. That is your Maximum carry weight.

  31. Choose a Worshipped Deity and starting Spells. (Optional)

  32. A Deity is not important for non-spellcasters. Deities offer a line of Magick. Whether it's Blood Magick or Miracles.

    These lines dictate what Spells are avaiable for you to choose. To see a list of Deities and their line of Magick, check Here.

    If you are not a spellcaster class, you may only start with one deity's affinity. If you are a spellcaster class, you may choose 2 deities to worship.

    You can choose at maximum 10 spells from their 1st level of Affinity, which you can find Here.

  33. Create a Name, Description, etc.

  34. No advice here besides try to keep it dark! Character's don't need to be painfully tragic, but do keep it reasonable.