Alignment broadly determines your Character's philosophy and identity.

It is not an exact straight jacket for your character's roleplaying potential, as it serves mechanical purposes such as dialogue reactions with NPC's, spellcasting, and choosable Classes. Some classes even require certain Alignments. The Alignment chart can be found below.

Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good
Neutral Lawful Neutral Neutral Chaotic Neutral
Evil Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil


Good characters are characters that generally follow some code along the lines of opposing Evil and injustice, defending the innocent, and respecting life. Surely a rare quality to be found within Gehenna's setting. If you are playing a Good aligned character, you should likely try to find a motivation as to why they fight for the greater good, such as Justice, Mercy, Protection, keeping Order, etc.


Neutral characters usually aren't commited to a path of Neutrality, but rather are people who lack strong conviction, and likely remain unbiased in the scope of Good vs Evil. They do whatever they believe to be the best choice of action, acting without prejudice or compulsion. Very common for Gehenna characters.


Evil characters are likely out for themselves only. They do whatever needs to be done to accomplish their goals, no matter the ethics. Many times they lack a strong moral compass, yet have a strong outlook on life, philosophy, and ideals. When playing an Evil character, you should be careful as to determining why they are the way they are. Whether they had a bad upbringing early in life, were afflicted with some traumatic change, or just plainly dealt a bad deck of cards in life, there is usually some catalyst for a character being so compelled to act the way they do. They are still doing what they believe to be is right, or if it is something they are passionate about.


Lawful characters strongly follow a set of rules, usually the Law itself, a code of Justice, or a methodical conduct. Some respect tradition, some loyalty, and others just prefer to follow order.


Chaotic characters are the complete opposite of Lawful, in that they disregard any sense of order or law or abstract set of rules. Regulations are irrelevant to them and their goals.