When a player fulfills a ritual or act of worship towards a Deity, they increase in affinity with them.

With enough affinity, you can go up an Affinity level with that Deity, and gain new access to spells when you level up.

Vice versa, you can do actions a deity will frown upon, and you will go down in affinity. You cannot go past an Affinity level you already have.

Affinity points are secretly tracked by the GM, and never shown to the player.

Blood Magick Deities

Deity 1st Level 2nd Level 3rd Level 4th Level
Burzuroth Abyss, Necrosis, Mind Eraser, Pyromancy Trick Hurting, Rotting, Greater Pyromancy Combustion, Weeping Chains Black Orb, Black Hole
Luciferium Cryomancy Trick, Mind Eraser Death Note, Flock of Crows, Black Veil, Necromancy Possesion, Rotting, Necrosis Black Hole, Abyss
Sylvia Possession, Mind Eraser, Doppel, Death Note Abyss, Mimicry, Cryomancy Trick Tremors, Blood Portal Combustion, Pyromancy Trick, Black Hole, Weeping Chains, Flock of Crows, Black Veil
Mihra Flock of Crows Abyss, Blood Golem Tremors Black Hole

Miracle Deities

Deity 1st Level 2nd Level 3rd Level 4th Level
Eronia Pheremones, Healing Touch, Tears of Sympathy, Guidance Lovebug, Seduction, Healing Whispers Hellbound Heart, Transmutation Demon Seed
Solaria Sunlight, Guidance, Radiance Divine Pillars Godly Wrath, Compel Dispel, Gales, Deus Ex
Allyon Prayer, Radiance, Guidance Water Walking, Deus Ex Hellbound Heart Martyr, Flight, Transmutation, Karmic Justice, Dispel, Compel, Gales, Godly Wrath, Tears of Sympathy, Divine Pillars
Mihra Radiance Gales Sunlight