Ability Scores

Each character has 6 Ability Scores that represent their capabilities. 3 Physical stats, and 3 Mental stats. These affect nearly every aspect of a character’s ability.

An average ability score is 5, and when determining your scores, every score starts with 5.

You have an additional 5 points to spend. You can gain more points by subtracting from other stats. Some Traits and Foibles may also add onto your scores.

Score Modifier Description
0 Unable
1 -4 Very Bad
2 -3 Bad
3 -2 Poor
4 -1 Fair
5 0 Average
6 +1 Good
7 +2 Very Good
8 +3 Great
9 +4 Excellent
10 +5 Heroic

Strength (STR)
Muscle and physical power. Important for those who engage in melee combat. STR also sets the maximum amount of weight your character can carry.

You apply your character’s Strength modifier to:

Dexterity (DEX)

Agility, reflexes, and balance. Important for characters seeking ranged weapons, acrobatics, and or earlier turn sequences in combat.

You apply your character’s Dexterity modifier to:

Constitution (CON)

Your health and stamina. A CON bonus increases a character’s hit points, which is important for all classes.

You apply your character’s Constitution modifier to:

Intelligence (INT)

How well your character learns and reasons. Important for Mages and Occultists because it directly affects their spellcasting, as well as their ability to learn more spells.

You apply your character’s Intelligence modifier to:

Wisdom (WIS)

Spirituality, awareness, and intuition. Important for Clerics and their ability to cast and learn Miracles.

You apply your character’s Wisdom modifier to:

Charisma (CHA)

Personality, presence, personal magnetism, ability to lead, and appearance. Important ability for Bards.

You apply your character’s Charisma modifier to: